Time Out Tokyo magazine tenth issue


Art direction: Steve Nakamura

Guest photo director: Takashi Murakami, Photography: Shin Suzuki, Styling: Kazuki Yunkki, Hair and make-up: Asuka Fujio (Otie), Clothing: Christian Dada

No, that’s not a homeless samurai on our cover but the legendary artist Takashi Murakami himself. In celebration of hitting double digits with our 10th issue, we asked Murakami to dress up to the nines and he turned up like he’d had one over the eight (we’ll stop with the numerical puns now). If you find his taste odd, you’ve got company – Murakami told us that people from a certain country don’t get his art. Grab our new issue (on shelf from March 31) to read the full interview, where we sat down with the iconoclast in his stomping ground, Nakano, to talk art and kick off our Great Tokyo Walks.

In this issue, we’ve put together 12 walking guides, giving you the chance to discover Tokyo’s art, shops, architecture and even ghosts in the city’s most exciting neighbourhoods. ’Tis the season for sakura, but after reading our list of the best spring festivals in town, you’ll see that there’s more to springtime than cherry blossoms. We also bring you four reasons to visit this year’s Setouchi Triennale, not to mention that it takes place once every three years! Head to the Seto Inland Sea to see some cutting-edge contemporary art whilst you’re island hopping. Perhaps you’ll also lay the eternal question to rest: Is it art or fart?

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