Time Out Kyoto Magazine Special Launch Issue


Art direction: Shun Kawakami (artless Inc.), Design: Kazuki Kaneko (artless Inc.), Photography: Yuu Kawakami, Design assistant: Shinsaku Iwatachi (artless Inc.)

We're bringing sexy back. Yep, that's right: sadly inactive for a couple of years now, Time Out Kyoto is rising from the ashes on July 19 with the release of our all-new mag. This 64-page special launch issue is your ultimate guide to the ancient capital, the heart of traditional Japan, and lays out the perfect day in Kyoto for your enjoyment.

From sunrise to sunset and beyond, we’ve mapped out where to be when. It’s not an easy task – with 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, around 1,600 temples, over 20,000 restaurants in the prefecture and just 24 hours there’s a lot you’re not going to see. Fear not, we’ve distilled the essence of the city into an itinerary that doesn’t linger on the big hitters, but takes in the local delights where many tourists fear to tread.

And that's not all: working together with Japanese magazine Crea, we've also included a roundup of the city's best eats, exhibitions and events, plus a guide to the best bars in Kyoto and even pointers on how to wear a kimono. So make sure not to miss out – get your free copy of Time Out Kyoto right away and start planning the greatest city vacation ever.

You can also read a version of the Perfect Day in Kyoto feature here.