Time Out Tokyo magazine sixth issue


On shelf from March 31, 2015, the sixth issue of Time Out Tokyo magazine brings you 'Cheap eats', just in time for spring. While we all know that our city is still leading the Michelin star race (currently 12 restaurants in Tokyo boast the top star rating), some of the best flavours can be found at scruffy hole-in-the-wall joints, at busy street stalls and even inside Tokyo Station. Make your way through the culinary glory of local dishes with our 12-page guide to Tokyo's top cheap eats. Perfect if you're planning a hanami picnic, a night on the town, or a budget-friendly trip to Tsukiji fish market. And don't be intimidated by the intestines – if Time Out's Group Food & Drink Editor Guy Dimond can stomach them, so can you.

Once you've eaten your way through the izakayas, go shopping for a randoseru (the Japanese school backpack that's making waves on the high street); visit one of the best 'arty' public baths; and spend 48 hours exploring Osaka. And don't miss our interview with Miyavi, who starred in Angelina Jolie's controversial 'Unbroken', as he gears up for the release of his latest album.


Release date: March 31, 2015

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